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June 2013 Manufacturing News

June was another exciting month for the manufacturing sector as we read a lot of announcements: upcoming release of the Integrated manufacturing roadmap, the revival of the Industry Development Council, NEDA Sec Balisacan on Philippine manufacturing and JG Summit Petrochemical US$ 800 million project and Shimano’s investment in the Philippines.

My favourite quote from the month of June is:

“We think there’s gonna be a revival of manufacturing in this country” – Lance Gokongwei, Inquirer, June 28, 2013

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June 2013

The Philippine manufacturing sector is the 24th largest in the world

In past two years, public perception on manufacturing have changed significantly. What was seen as a laggard is now seen as a solution to our sustainable and inclusive growth. But is our manufacturing sector large enough to make an impact?

To have a clear understanding of where we stand compared to other countries in terms of manufacturing, I charted three sets of data: (1) size of manufacturing sector of each country, also known as manufacturing value added (MVA), (2) growth of each country’s MVA in the last 5 years, (3) manufacturing share of GDP. All data were taken from the World Bank Databank, reference year is 2010, includes a total of 214 countries.

The data shows that the Philippine manufacturing sector is the 24th largest in the world, out of 214 countries in the database. Further, the bubble chart shows that the Philippines is in the upper right quadrant of countries that have rapidly growing manufacturing sector, and a high share of GDP compared to the rest of the world. 

Given these figures, I believe the Philippine manufacturing sector contributes significantly to global manufacturing, and we have this manufacturing base to accelerate the growth of our economy.


Country Ranking of size of manufacturing sector (Top 50)

 MVA Ranking (Top 50)

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