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Is manufacturing growing in the Philippines? You bet!

In our advocacy to increase manufacturing in the Philippines, I often encounter questions on whether manufacturing is actually growing. Strong misconception remain….that either manufacturing is stagnating or even dead in the Philippines. Probably because it has been overshadowed by new types of industries particularly in the services section. As an engineer, I never felt comfortable making conclusions based on perception, or one made without data. So I tabulated figures from the national accounts tables from the National Statistic Coordinating Board (NSCB), which is updated quarterly, and put together gross value added (GVA) based on current prices of the manufacturing sector from 1998 to 2011…. the data shows that manufacturing has been growing an average of 9% per annum for the last 13 years.  I hope you find this information useful.


Resilience and diversification amids a global slowdown

I’ve finally updated our “Latest News” section, by searching for valuable manufacturing news from June to September. The general mood for that period was that of a global manufacturing slow down, particularly in the semi-conductor and electronics due to global headwinds, but it’s also a story of Philippine resiliency and diversification as we see our non-hitech export gaining ground in the world market. In terms of industry policy, a series of sectoral roads have been completed, just when opportunities for the Philippines continue to grow due to strains between China and Japan which are now affecting Japanese manufacturing operations in China. The past months also witnessed the announced closure of Ford and Lexmark, a unfortunate contrast to the series of new FDIs from Japan and Europe.

Below is our list of September.

September 2012

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